BFBS Cologne - A Fairytale - watch this

Staff, Presenters, Sound Engineers etc who worked at BFBS Cologne took part at the annual BFBS Cologne Dinner and this year saw the 25th Anniversary after the closure of BFBS Cologne which was based in Parkstrasse 61 in Cologne Marienburg. The last BFBS Cologne Station Manager Colin Rugg opened the evening to welcome all the attendees and guests such as former BFBS Presenters Richard Astbury, Alan Clough, Mark Tyley, Nick Bailey but also remembered the famous BFBS voices that passed away since the last gathering like Peter McDonagh.

During the dinner a video was presented of BFBS Cologne that Tom Hausmann found and kindly shared it with all of us via the internet. Now it is my great pleasure to share that video with the many fans of BFBS Radio.

BFBS-Cologne - A Fairy-Tale from Joe Bloggs on Vimeo.

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