UPDATE: Alton Andrews now on NovumFM

Alton Andrews 2015
BFBS Cologne's Drive Time Show in the late 80s into 1990 was hosted by Alton Andrews until the last show from the BFBS Cologne Studios in Parkstrasse 61, Cologne Marienburg. The last Drive Time Show went out and I was there to witness the sad moments including the late PMcD who sadly passed away in the February 2015.

With the help of the great internet I found Alton Andrews again who hosted a show called "Rythm of the Night" on Diamond FM in the United Kingdom. I tuned into it the other day and I felt like listening again to BFBS Cologne's Drive Time Show with Alton Andrews. He still has the same speed and it is great to hear him on the radio again. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2015 Diamond FM closed down and Alton moved to NovumFm based in Germany, however, hosts the show from the United Kingdom.

Here is the link to the website of NovumFM where you can find the radio player to listen to. Enjoy Alton Andrews again on the radio.

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