BFBS Gibraltar Photos and Shows


Over the next weeks I will be uploading some BFBS Gibraltar Radio Shows. But here are some photos form the BFBS Gibraltar Magazine. Enjoy watching the photos and seeing the DJs in action. 

Follow the link to the BFBS Gibraltar Magazine - click here

A big thanks to Joe Benggio for sending the photos to us for sharing with the fans. 

Some Radio Shows will be uploaded here in the near future. 


BFBS Blooper Tape from the 80s discovered. Enjoy this one and have a blast of a laugh

In September 2020 I was contacted by Joe Benggio who runs a radio station on the Rock of Gibraltar called Go Go Radio Gibraltar - click here - to find out more about the station. Joe had heard about my new radio show called "JP's Golden Years" and wanted to have this show to air on his station as well. Hoorah! which was great news for me. Now both of our shows are on his station. You find out schedule details on Go Go Radio Gibraltar.

The website of the JP's Golden Years is available here and you will hear some of the oldies jingles that Dave Windsor and other BFBS presenters have used over the years. A copy of the show is also available each week on the website www.radiointernational.tv

But now to the BFBS Blooper Tape of the 80s. Joe mentioned to me that he used to be a sound engineer with BFBS Gibraltar and when I told him that I grew up listening to BFBS from Cologne since the early 80s he sent be a link to his Mixcloud Channel's BFBS 80s Blooper Tape. Enjoy listening to this - I had a blast of a laugh and did not know that even Charles Foster could have some swear words, so did Tommy Vance and others. :)

The BFBS 80s Blooper Tape - click to listen. A copy to download will be made available here shortly.