BFBS Malta - Closing Moments - 31 March 1979

We are very much proud and extremely happy to be able to share this special Forces Broadcasting Nugget with you - the closing moments of BFBS Radio in sunny Malta on 25 March 1979. Richard Astbury was the last voice heard on BFBS Malta before it went off air. A huge thank you to John Bruno from Malta who found our BFBS Radio Blog and kindly contacted us to share these last moments of BFBS Radio in Malta.  

For further information on BFBS Malta - click here.

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New Section added: BBC Shows with BFBS DJs

We have added a section at the links on the left side showing BBC Shows to which we will be adding radio programmes that were produced and presented by BFBS DJs that worked on both networks BBC and BFBS Radio e.g. Tommy Vance, Johnny Walker, Andy Peebles, Alan Freeman, etc

Just added an edition of Tommy Vance hosting a special edition of the Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 in November 1990 which was kindly supplied to us by Joe Christie - Thank you Joe. 

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