Pop Around Europe

Richard Astbury in Action:)
Pop around Europe was hosted by Richard Astbury. Unfortunately, there are only the below shows I had in my archive. Is there anybody out there who has some more in their treasure chests - please share them with us by CONTACTing me.

Pop around Europe (04 Apr 1985) (Richard Astbury)
Pop around Europe (21 Apr 1985) (Richard Astbury)
Pop around Europe (last edition) Eurovision 1985 (Richard Astbury)

On 22 March 2014 I had the pleasure to meet the BFBS Radio Legend and host of "Pop around Europe" - Richard Astbury for an interview. You can find the entire page and video interview here.


  1. Hey there! I was delighted to find this and particularly that the episodes you have on here are ones I would have heard in my time in West Germany. I was a refugee kid from Poland who could already speak English but not German, and I loved listening to BFBS. Loved Richard Astbury's show for its wit, his personality, the music, and of course the clips of various European languages. Awesome! Glad one of the episodes you have is the one with a Polish song in it!
    I'm looking for a cassette recording of an episode from that time period too. If I find it somewhere in my "archive" (basement) I'll try to digitize it and send it to you.

  2. Hello Pollena, Thank you for your very kind words which are greatly appreciated after all these years. Best Wishes, Richard Astbury.

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  4. Hi from Berlin!

    I accidently found your website and I was so unbelievably happy to here these old recordings from Pop around Europe.
    Actually I hapened to hear these shows live back then in the 80s and I still remember these special editions you have here. I lived in East Berlin and Pop around Europe was kind of a gate to the world for me, along with AFN, BBC and some shows on west-german radio stations.
    And you know what: I have the last ever edition of Pop around Europe on a cassette tape. It's stored somewhere and I propbably wouldn't find it very easy, but I know it's there. So even better to listen to it here. It was such a great show and it's final edition brought some tears in my eyes back then, when I was 14 in 1985.
    Wonderful journey back into time. You won't find such radio shows anymore today. Too sad...

    Enjoy yourself and thanks for putting this site together and keeping the memories alive.


  5. Pop Around Europe on BFBS hosted by Richard Astbury was among my most formative experiences of the 1980s. It deeply instilled in me a sense of Citizen of Europe (including the UK), a Love of the Other, of Travel, Languages and Cultures.

    The world today needs more than ever this love and respect of Otherness