And now: Some More Big Wood Tales found

Uncle Bill telling the stories
Following to the success of the Big Wood Stories which I received some more episodes from a fan who recorded them off BFBS Radio when they were initially broadcast. Uncle Bill stories that first aired on BFBS during the 60s and lived on on BFBS during the following years. A big thanks to Kevin Lach who kindly more stories for our BFBS Radio Archive. Enjoy this trip down Memory Lane! :)

Before with have some more audio stories Also I received a written story narrated by Keith Kelly from the United Kingdom:


Great idea for a trip down memory lane!

I was in Iserlohn with the Royal Engineers during the 70s and there was an occasion when the Regiment had an open day, basically to show the wives and Kids what the blokes actually did at work.

There was a sort of mini fairground, rides on armoured vehicles etc etc AND a beer tent, run by the Corporals Mess. BFBS, before the event, showed great interest and promised to send someone along.

Uncle Bill arrived, quite early in the day, accompanied by the BFBS Outside Broadcast Unit, and they set up their gear next to the beer tent. Throughout the day various events were covered, live, on the radio. Bill seemed to be spending a lot of time in the beer tent, not forgetting the rather boozy lunch in the Sgts Mess!

The time arrived for Bill to do his stuff and a hush fell over the sports fields as we listened to him, broadcasting to the entire Free World LIVE! At the end Bill did what Bill always did and said “Goodnight Children, Everywhere”.  Spontaneous applause erupted from the gathered throng outside the trailer and Bill, not realising he was still ON AIR said, in a very loud, slurred voice,

“That will shut the little fuckers up for another night”

How I, and many around me, didn’t suffer a heart attack at that very moment I will never know.

Very Funny!


And now it is time for some more stories as told by Uncle Bill:

038 - Mr Owl and the Bishop's ring
039 - Aunt Daisy's Potted Plant
040 - The old windmill
041 - The water cress adventure
042 - The secret of the castle library
043 - Badger's motorbike and sidecar
044 - Mr Ospray's magic
045 - A game of golf
046 - The bells of St. Francis
047 - Rumpus at Big Wood Primary School
048 - Greenfly
050 - The Highwaymen
051 - Bramble Pie
052 - The Ten Tennis Balls
053 - The North Bay Branch Line
054 - Operation Thatch Cover
056 - Mr. Owl and the Fire-Fighting Exercise
057 - The Luxury Cruise
058 - The Silver Jubilee Visit
059 -  Owl's bi-plane Hetty-incomplete
060 -  The Jam Runners - incomplete
061 -  The trip to the sea
062 -  The long weekend

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