BFBS Radio Archive is getting bigger - More Audio has been added

Today I have added a whole pile of BFBS audio that over the last few months have been sent in to me for which I am very grateful. Thank you very much to each and every one of you who contributed to the BFBS Fan Blog. Should you still find something in your Treasure Chests in regards to BFBS audio, please do get in touch with me via CONTACT. But now enjoy the shows, jingles, etc - JP:)

Asters' Classics on BFBS Radio 2

Richard Astbury on BFBS Radio 2 - His Afternoon Show

30 Years at Number One

30 Years at Number One - 1968 (David Hamilton)(1985-12-09)
30 Years at Number One - 1975 (David Hamilton)(1986-01-25)
30 Years at Number One - 1979 (David Hamilton)(1986-02)
30 Years at Number One - 1983 (David Hamilton)(1986-03)

Forces Folk Music Shows over the years on BFBS

BFBS London Folk Song Cellar (1970)
BFBS Hello Folk (Wally Whyton)(1969-02-09)

BFBS Sandi's Folk Musikband 112 R4 (1970-11-06)
BFBS Sandi's Folk (excerpt 18'of30', no intro) (1971-04-30)
BFBS Sandi's Folk (excerpt)(1971-04-30)
BFBS Sandi's Folk (excerpt)(1971-04-30)
BFBS Sandi's Folk Musikband 143 G1 (1975-07-20)

BFBS Country Folk (David Allen) (1976-09-01)
BFBS Country Folk (David Allen)(1977-12-03)

BFBS Hello Folk INTRO (1977-02-07)

BFBS Interviews

Me Mark Page

BFBS Top 40

BFBS UK Top 40 (12 Dec 1985) (Charles Foster)

BFBS Oldies Shows

Special BFBS Programmes

Various other BFBS Shows

BFBS Malta


Trailers, Spots, Announcements

More BFBS Jingles

BFBS Jingle Package 2002 Reelworld

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