BFBS Malta - Closing Moments - 31 March 1979

We are very much proud and extremely happy to be able to share this special Forces Broadcasting Nugget with you - the closing moments of BFBS Radio in sunny Malta on 25 March 1979. Richard Astbury was the last voice heard on BFBS Malta before it went off air. A huge thank you to John Bruno from Malta who found our BFBS Radio Blog and kindly contacted us to share these last moments of BFBS Radio in Malta.  

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  1. During the seventies, I had the luxury to tune in regularly to BFBS MALTA, transmitting from St.Frances Ravelin in sunny Floriana. Nowadays, the same premises has been transformed into the MEPA offices.
    This radio station translated into top quality entertainment varying from the latest UK pop music at the same time it was released in the charts, to the golden oldies, country music, the very latest news, interviews, general sports, particularly football, and the rest. My favourite programs during those days were of course, the weekly UK TOP TWENTY together with another favourite namely, BFBS UK, aired daily in the early afternoon, both programs presented by the legendary Tommy Vance. Other outstanding top presenters were Richard Astbury, (Being the last station Controller) and his very own “Pop Around Europe”. Other charismatic presenters were Richard Caperon, Alan Clough, Chris Russell, John Crabtree, P.McD, and Paul Gambaccini. Another of my favourites in those days was “Solid Gold Singles” with Don Durbridge.
    Christmas time with BFBS was also unique. We had the luxury to tune in to those amazing Christmas and ‘New Year’s Eve’ rich entertainment. That included the live charity program “Ring us up” which left its mark here in Malta to the extent that it inspired other local stations to come up with similar productions, even to this very day in support of the local charities! Being a student, BFBS MALTA was indeed a boost in my studies, particularly the language and current affairs.
    Yes, I must admit that on the 31st March 1979, I really missed BFBS MALTA together with its great presenters. Although nowadays we have many other quality radio stations here BFBS MALTA always remained so very special.
    Gino Galea

  2. Though I was a little child, I still remember HMS London making her way out of Valletta, Grand Harbour. I was with my father watching her leaving the Breakwater with tears in my eyes.
    Would like to thank all service men and their families who served in my country, Malta. God save the Queen and Bless you all.
    James Borg (Valletta - Malta).

  3. I was happily born and bred under British Rule
    I cried my heart out just like a little boy, when the British Forces left Malta on the 31st March 1979.
    Thank you BFBS for all your very interesting programs.
    I still miss you all till this very day!
    May God Bless you all!
    Long Live The Queen!!
    wilfrid Buttigieg (St Paul's Bay - Malta)