BFBS Photos added, Tommy Vance, Alan Clough, Richard Astbury, Penny Vine, Rhine Army Summer Show

Tommy Vance and JP at BFBS London in July 1984
Dear BFBS Lovers,

I have been digging in my photo album and came across some photos from the mid 80s when I had a chance to visit the BFBS Studios in London, Paddington (Bridge House) where I had the pleasure to sit in the Top 20 Plus Show with Tommy Vance and also BFBS UK. The guests I remember where the Blue Belles which were charting well in the UK Charts with "Young at heart".

Tommy took me and my friends to London in the nearby pub just across the road.

Since I lived in Cologne the BFBS Germany studios were not far away and I would sometimes swing by to sit in some of their shows such as the weekend breakfast show with Alan Clough. And of course one of the highlights during the year was when BFBS Germany was also at the Rhine Army Summer Show.

A new page has been added to this blog called "Photos" where you can see some of the treasures I found in my collection.

Should you have some photos you want to share with us, please email them to me by clicking here.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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