Specials and Various BFBS Shows

Dear BFBS Radio Fan. Should you have any of the audio treasures in your collection and wish to share it with the other fans please CONTACT us.

BFBS History
BFBS at 50 (Richard Astbury)
Forces Gold, 50 years of BFBS (Richard Astbury)
BFBS at 60 (28 Nov 2003) (Richard Astbury)
BFBS History - BFBS Berlin 1945 - 1994
BFBS History - BFBS Berlin 1961 - 1994

Various other BFBS Shows

BFBS Radio Malta - Closing Moments
We are very much proud and extremely happy to be able to share this special Forces Broadcasting Nugget with you - the closing moments of BFBS Radio in sunny Malta on 31 March 1979. Richard Astbury was the last voice heard on BFBS Malta before it went off air. A huge thank you to John Bruno from Malta who found our BFBS Radio Blog and kindly contacted us to share these last moments of BFBS Radio in Malta. For further information on BFBS Malta - click here. 


  1. Any chance of Alan Bangs NiteFlite programmes. Late on Saturday night/early Sunday morning I think.

  2. any chance of dave windsors radio specials