Introduction and link to BFBS Radio & TV

Dear Friends and Fans of BFBS Radio,

This is a blog about the British Forces Broadcasting Serivce (BFBS). Some recorded collector's items are being made available here for your listening pleasure such as radio programmes with DJs such as Tommy Vance, Richard Astbury, Andy Peebles, Richard Allinson, Simon Guettier, Charles Foster, Dave Windsor - just to mention a few.

Michael Krafft from Germany recently contacted me and shared many of the BFBS Top 20 Shows with Tommy Vance and the also the BFBS Gold Classic Top 20 with various great radio presenters of BFBS. Also Paul Gambaccini's look at the American Charts is available on this blog. 

If you have any shows in your tape or mp3 collection and you wish to share your radio treasure with the other lovers of BFBS Radio during the 60s - 90s please feel free to contact JP by clicking here.

In the meantime enjoy listening to BFBS Radio from UK. Here is the website of  BFBS.

Radio Rewind is a website that has some trailers of BFBS programmes. JP supplied a lot of clips he recorded during the Eighties. 

JP works as a radio presenter on a Dutch radio station presenting a weekly three hour Eurovison Radio Show called Radio International broadcasting in English to an international audience. Visit the website and enjoy listening live on Wednesdays from 2000 - 2300 hours CET.

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  1. If your interested I have a CD copy of a BFBS Saturday Sports Show that I presented. Kind regards Stuart James