Richard Astbury in Interview with JP

Richard Astbury
Interview with Richard Astbury on 22 Mar 2014. Richard or Asters worked as radio presenter on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) and was also involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. Hear his story in interview with Radio International's JP 

On 21 and 22 March 2014 BFBS Cologne staff (presenters, sound engineers, record librarians, some hadcore fans, etc) held their 24th annual "Veteran Meeting" in a hotel in Cologne, Germany reflecting on the good old times when BFBS Radio in Germany had its headquarters in Cologne Marienburg. In the 90s the HQ moved to the barracks in BFBS Herford leaving behind an amazing nostaligic post war era for Forces Families but also for many German listeners.

One of the great voices and very experienced presenter Richard Astbury also known as Asters. presented many shows on the BFBS network including BFBS Radio 2 and BFBS Television. But he is very much known for his programme called "Pop around Europe" which ran for many years on the BFBS radio network stopping in 1985 with Asters' departure to Riviera 104. This show can be found on the BFBS Radio blog or via the website of www.radiointernational.tv or here and there is more here.

Radio International's JP had the big honour to interview his radio idol Richard Astbury at this convention in Cologne which you can now watch in this clip. 

At this point a special thanks goes to Jens Messtorff for filming the interview which will also be broadcast on Eurovision Radio International (www.radiointernational.tv) in the near future.

Also visit Richard's webpage available here.

Richard was also involved in the Eurovision Song Contest.


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