BFBS Top 40 with Pat Sharp - More shows added

Pat Sharpe
Hello again Chart Lovers,

And again more BFBS Top 40 Shows were added to the blog just now and in particular the period of time when Pat Sharpe (see photo) was the host of the energetic BFBS Top 40 Show from 1989 onwards. We would like to thank Ingo from Germany making his collection available for all of you fans of BFBS.

You can find them on the side menu or simply by clicking here. 

Ingo is in particular looking for the only missing show in the Pat Sharpe Top 40 series and that is the edition from the 29 July 1990.

Should you have any BFBS Radio shows in your archive or collection please do not hesitate to CONTACT me.

Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane! :)

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